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"Zephyr" is a mild, pleasant breeze, that causes minimal disturbance.
Our Mission
"Zephyr" is a mild, pleasant breeze, that causes minimal disturbance. This is the way in which we believe one should live their life; not as a hurricane, disturbing all in its path, but like zephyr, causing as little impact to other species and our planet as possible. This range of products will enable daily swaps to be made to minimise impact to our planet.
Our Story
At 8 years old I was taken on a holiday to Seychelles. One day, the Conservationist working on the island told the guests to wait at the beach whilst he went to collect turtle hatchlings from the nest to be released. But, I ran after him and he let me go with him to help. Upon my return, I said to my parents "I want to be a Conservationist". I am now in the final year of my BSc Zoology (INT) degree, carrying out research on African painted dogs, having worked with numerous species of animals around the world. I intend to do all I can to save our precious biodiversity on this planet.
Our Future
The website will help reduce waste and damage caused by humans to our planet. Additionally, we have already teamed up with two charities, PDCUK (helping to remove snares, one of the biggest killers of wildlife in Africa, and donating funds to Painted Dog conservation) and One Tree Planted (helping to reforest a Bornean rainforest).
About this Project
Our classes program provides a gateway into the world of dance connecting young people and communities to artistic practice and engaging them in a range of inspirational and high-quality participatory activities nationally and internationally.
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